Podcast Season 2, Ep 75

The pain of writing a memoir, the gentle man with the huge heart, and discovering the women who should be celebrated!

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1.00 – Jo’s at home, and Myf only just made it!
4.36 – Myf is writing her memoir – it’s terrifying
9.30 – Kon Karapanagiotidis
18.30 – what’s the ASRC?
24.55 – there are good people wanting to act now on refugee issues but the Murdoch media scares them.
28.42 – welcome Maree Coote. – author/ creator of Daughters of Melbourne.

Let's talk!

Myf Warhurst returns as guest co-host with Jo Stanley! The gremlins are in the machine, Jo is coming to us from home with a sik child, Myf is coming to us from the studio having almost gotten stuck in Brisbane last night! Modern life!!

Our first guest has been described as a merchant of hope, and doesn’t that seem right!

Kon Karapanagiotidis, CEO and founder of Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, shares his passion and drive, and how can we help empower people as they rebuild their lives in Australia. He’s such a gentle and extraordinary man.

Then, Maree Coote shares the hidden histories of the pioneering women who built the streets and heart of our town, all revealed in her latest book Daughters of Melbourne. Maree encourages us to kick the doors down.

Myf then takes us behind the scenes when she shares her experience of discovering her own history while being featured on the SBS hit, ‘Who Do You Think You Are.’

This is a wonderful podcast episode, enjoy and share with your friends!

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