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The weather is changing which is joy for some. But nothing divides opinion like summer vs winter. What’s your pick?


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Our Recent Discussion


This gap is proof women are expected to stay at home whenever possible


This stat is great for women because of the flexibility


This gap will harm women via lack of visibility

QUESTION: 6 april 2021
  • 20%: This gap is proof women are expected to stay at home whenever possible
    50%: This stat is great for women because of the flexibility
    30%: This gap will harm women via lack of visibility
QUESTION: 29 Mar 2021

True female music icons - you can choose only one!

  • 43% said: Dolly Parton
  • 42% said: Tina Turner
  • 15% said: Cher
QUESTION: 22 Mar 2021

It’s a delicious time of year, with hot cross buns and chocolate eggs at eye height every where we turn. Do you:

  • 42%:Enjoy responsibly – a treat here and there won’t hurt.
  • 21%: Over indulge, and then regret. And then over indulge again.
  • 36%: Throw caution to the wind and eat it all – why deny joy!
  • No-one voted to avoid hot cross bun season!
QUESTION: 15 Mar 2021

Did you march4justice on the 15th March?

  • 74% said:Couldn’t get there, but was there in spirit
  • 10% said: Hells yes.
  • 16% said: Don’t see the point, nothing will change.
QUESTION: 8 Mar 2021

Sometimes life is hard and we need a little pick-me-up. What's your go-to?

  • 26%: Music
  • 24%: Friends
  • 25%: Nature
  • 5%: Meditation
  • 11%: Exercise
  • 9%: Cake
QUESTION: 1 Mar 2021

During highly stressful lockdowns over the past year, many people chose to reach for the bottle, for a wide range of reasons. Did you:

  • 23% said:Really lean in and start making midnight G&T’s when you couldn’t sleep
  • 31% said: Make a few more trips to Dan’s than usual.
  • 31% said: Go in the other direction and embrace the alcohol-free lifestyle.
  • 15% said: Keep it steady.

We're talking about harassment. Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the workplace?

  • 50% said: Yes, sadly I have.
  • 50% said: No, I’m grateful never to have had that experience.
  • Message from Broad Radio: We know and understand that online polls have their limits, and wish to acknowledge that 85% of women have experienced sexual harassment at work, with 4 out of 5 perpetrators being men.

COVID-19 lockdowns have seen a big increase in women (of all ages) embracing the grey and changing their approach to dyeing their hair. What about you?

  • 36% said: I’ve embraced the grey and I’m loving it.
  • 22% said: Nope. I was first in line for a cut n colour.
  • 31% said: I honestly don’t care, as long as I’m well groomed.
  • 11% said: I chose to go grey, but I’m not sure about it.

Older women are the fastest-growing group of homeless people. Do you feel secure in your housing?

  • 28% said: Mostly
  • 40% said: No, I worry about this a lot.
  • 32% said: Yes.

Do you have a Will of your own?

  • 44% said: Sure do! It’s up to date too.
  • 11% said: I don’t know where to start, it’s daunting.
  • 45% said: No, but I’ve been meaning to.

Something for the mums: how do you feel about school being back?

  • 6% said: Sad. I can’t get enough time with my kids.
  • 73% said: It’s time. All good things must come to an end.
  • 21% said: So ready. So exhausted.

What's your favourite sport to watch women play?

  • 33% said: AFLW
  • 8% said: Soccer (W League)
  • 17% said: Super Netball
  • 34% said: Tennis
  • 8% said: None of the above. Sport ain’t my jam

The Federal Government has drafted laws to protect Australians from cyber abuse. Tell us about your experience with online harassment.

  • 4% said: Constant harassment that really takes its toll
  • 29% said: Copped it once or twice, but not too bad

  • 13% said: I get it about every week. Worst part of the internet
  • 54% said: Thankfully I’ve never experienced it

We know work / life balance is important, but is it possible? How much 'me time' do you give yourself?

  • 62% said: I make time every week. Benefits me, and those around me
  • 5% said: I wish, but other people always take priority

  • 33% said: Leave it up to chance, which means not often
  • 0% said: Never, but that’s cool. I love my work

A high percentage of Australian women own pleasure devices, but they're not for everyone. What's your preference?

  • 22% said: I like the idea but don’t know where to start
  • 17% said: It’s not my thing
  • 48% said: I’ve had one or two in my day
  • 13% said: My sex toy drawer is spectacularly packed with pleasure 

COVID-19 has had an unexpected impact in 2020. What was your experience?

  • 61% said: It’s been hard

  • 8% said: It’s transformed my life positively

  • 31% said: I was able to slow down and reflect

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Lift Someone Up! Talk Yourself Up!

We know there are extraordinary women that walk among us every day. Sometimes, they have an incredible story to share; about chance, resilience, love, or a life-changing decision. Sometimes, they have a cautionary tale, in the hopes of helping others. And sometimes, they’re an unsung hero who doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. 

Broad Radio will be sharing some of these stories and giving a voice to these extraordinary women and their extraordinary stories. 

Does this sound like you, or someone you know? 

Nominate yourself or a friend, with a short summary of the crazy beautiful reason. If we’d like to know more, we’ll be in touch.

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