She did, you can podcast

A behind the scenes look at building Broad Radio, for anyone who wants to start a business but has no idea how.

She did, you can podcast

Want to start a business but don’t know how? George McEncroe founded the hugely successful female only ride-share, Shebah, so she can help you. And Jo Stanley is creating a brand new radio station, and has as much as you to learn. Join George and Jo, both old ducks from radio, in this tale of two companies, as Jo takes us in real time down her path towards the launch of Broad Radio, and George takes us back to where Shebah all began.

Refreshingly honest, George and Jo will share the challenges, the mistakes, the doubts, the victories and everything in between. Part-mentoring and part-confessional, part-inspiration and part-word of warning, She Did, You Can is for anyone who’s ever had an idea for a business, and thought they couldn’t do it. But then decided to do it anyway.

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