Podcast Season 2, Ep 68

The fight for our reproductive rights, getting old girls on the road, and showing heart as a female heart surgeon.

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2.00 – We are in our own new Broad Radio studio!
6.10 – Would Australians accept conservative views on abortion? No
8.23 – Rachel tells us what Roe V Wade means..
13.30 – For poor women, this means there is higher risk of duing during pregnancy, economic and life choices are challenged.It’ll be a country of have and have nots.
21.44 – we have little welfare in the US, so this will be a nightmare.
24.30 – Mingon was a rev head when she got her license in the 90s, and Jo loved the freedom of having a car as an 18 year old!
29.00 – welcome Tracey Walker – creator of Old girls on the road.
41.07 – Dr Nikki Stamp joins Jo.

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In epsiode 68 Jo Stanley welcomes guest co-host, journalist and presenter, Mignon Stewart, as together they bring the critical and the creative.

Women in the United States are fighting for their reproductive rights, with a nationwide march planned on Sat 14 May. We’re joined by filmmaker Rachel Feichter, to share what the battle is like on the ground, what overturning the Roe V Wade ruling means and why she worries that her daughters will grow up with less rights than she did.

Then Tracey Walker, doco maker and creator of the creative project and youtube series ‘old girls on the road’ talks about her love of vintage cars and how she’s brought women together to celebrate their old girls with chrome bumpers as they hit the open road, and what the freedom of a car means. Check it out!

And then Jo catches up with Dr Nikki Stamp for a one-on-one. Dr Nikki is one of only 11 female heart surgeons in Australia and off the back of releasing her memoir, ‘Scrubbed’ she joins Jo to discuss what it’s like to have someone’s life literally in your hands.

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