Podcast Season 2, Ep 67

The price of self care, knowing when to walk away, fighting the good fight, bring above board with community support, and coping as a carer.

It’s Ep 67 and Jo Stanley and George McEncroe, comedian and founder of female ride share service Shebah, co-host for a deep dive conversation.

Starting with how difficult it is to find time for yourself to go out and do things and why there’s always a price to pay!

After breaking records with her startup, George has decided it’s time she walked away from Shebah. She shares with us the heartbreaking side of entrepreneurship, and the toll it can take.

We’re two weeks out from Election Day, and we check in with ‘Broad Radio’s Own’ Zoe Daniel, Independent candidate for Goldstein, where electioneering is brutal, Zoe tells us about some of the dirty tricks her campaign has had to navigate, why transparency on political donations is so important, who Vida Goldstein was and how Zoe has fared with the old women who’re giving her to nod in the pre polls!

Then we talk with advocate Professor Kathryn Moyle, Dementia Australia advocate. Dementia is the leading cause of death in women and impacts countless families. We learn what is it like to live with and care for someone who has dementia with Kathryn who shares the ups and downs and the difficulty in caring for loved ones with the disease.


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