Podcast Season 2, Ep 81

The low-down on domestic violence leave & the small things that we do that make a big impact on energy use.

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1.53 – Welcome Michele O’Neil president of the ACTU
2.32 – What difference will DV leave make in the lives of people?
3.30 – Having access to money will literally save lives
5.15 – What about small business? Small business knows what’s going on in the lives of their people.
8.00 – A story about a woman who needed this (crackle on the line here, sorry!)
10.15 – We tried to get this bill through parliament a year ago but Pauline Hanson voted it down.
11.45- Welcome Anna Malos from Climateworx
13.20 – The states have been putting policy in place and opportunities available, it’s very exciting.
16.46 – There are exciting start ups around climate change and solving issues
17.56 – hacks to save energy
19.30 – what about climate fatigue – there are things you can do.

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In episode 81 we discover that big things have happened in parliament this week when it comes to paid domestic violence leave and the fight that’s gone on for years with many working tirelessly behind the scenes to establish it, when we hear from Michelle O’Neil, president of the ACTU.

(There were some glitches in the feed so we bring you part of the interview, it’s powerful stuff.)

Then Jo and Mignon work out how to deal with the overwhelm of the climate crisis with Anna Malos from Climateworx.

Anna has some positive news on what’s being done at state level and for the future for Australia as a solar and wind superpower.

Plus she tells us how being aware and making very small changes to our lives can impact the amount of energy we use and the future we can look forward to.

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