Podcast Season 2, Ep 80

Masterchef level cooking failures & life's wins, abelist lyrics & getting Beyonce onboard!

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1.57 – Welcome Julie Goodwin! MasterChef, cook book author
4.30 – Mignon put a pav in the oven with a roast! What are Julie’s cooking disasters?
7.00 – “I wasn’t in a good place when I got asked back onto Masterchef”
9.00 – Depression is hard for everyone around the person too
16.11 – Making yourself vulnerable means others need to step up
19.04 – Jo loves Beyonce’s new album but found something worrying in the lyrics
20.01 – Hannah Diveney fought to have the word removed from the song with Lizzo and Beyonce

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Advocacy is the name of the game in this episode when Jo Stanley and Mignon Stewart catch up with MasterChef star and Beyond Blue spokesperson Julie Goodwin. Julie tells all about her moment when she realised she couldn’t do it all and the role that anxiety and depression have played in her life. She also tells us what she learned about the power of stepping back and seeing where others stepped forward!
Plus Julie shares her cooking fails and makes us all feel more human!
Then Jo tells us about listening to Beyonce’s album and not noticing the ableist slurs in there, but finding out about Hannah Diviney’s advocacy as a writer and disability activist and her power to challenge both Lizzo and Beyonce with the words they’ve used in their songs.
Hannah joins Jo and Mignon to fill them in.

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