Podcast Season 2, Ep 79

The one armed monkey, a love of giraffes & the sadness of goodbyes, plus guilty social media pleasures.

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1.00 – Jo and Cal relax while the producers fix things.
2.00 – As improvisors you learn not to panic!
9.38 – What is it about learning about other’s lives and histories do we learn from?
12.38 – Cal “I love it when someone says something offhandedly, like Russell Fletcher who casually mentioned he was almost killed by a coconut.”
16.15 – Cal went to the Willowbank Nature Park in Christchurch and met a one armed monkey and might have married a Kea Parrot bird.
19.00 – Jo hugged a tiger once in Thailand and feels bad about it, Cal hung out with chetahs in Christchurch.
25.30 – Social media feed cleanses – colour schemer on twitter @colorschemez and useless farm on Insta @useless_farm

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Returning to Broad Radio after finishing off her final season of Home Delivery we talk goodbyes and going home with Julia Zemiro and discuss a decade of memories, stories, surprise revelations and magnificent vehicles.

We also find out why you should always tell your best story, like being hit in the head with a coconut and discover some hilarious NZ animal tales from Cal.

We also discover Jo and Cal’s guilty pleasures in their social media feed.

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