Podcast Season 2, Ep 78

We will live on other planets before women are paid equally! And moths, happiness and stories.

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1.20 – What is The Moth?
3.25 – Jo doesn’t think she could talk about happiness for 5 minutes
5.30 – Jo thinks happy is false
10.18 – RAGE – the She’s Price(d)less report – welcome Mary Wooldridge
15.30 – Covid-19 has shown that we can work more flexibly
18.26 – Part time work data shows at any time 50% of women work full time, but managerial roles over 90% are full time.
26.00 – How do we speed up the change that needs to happen?
26.16 – Kimberley Clark story – changed the job ad and got more women in.

Let's talk!

Cal Wilson joins Jo Stanley on this ep of Broad Radio on the go. Cal is the host of the Moth, a story telling night that happens around the world where people get up and tell a tale about a topic. Jo and Cal consider what it is about storytelling that links us and how happiness can come from the most simple things.. like seeing your kid eat McDonalds!

We also talk to Mary Wooldridge, the CEO of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, to find out what our response – other than RAGE – can be to the ongoing gender pay gap, why it happens, and the companies who are doing something about tightening the gap, thinking more creatively and being more transparent, there is hope!

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