Podcast Season 2, Ep 77

Working with your husband to start conversations, & working out how to please a woman.

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1.00 – Denice kickett says ‘Kya’ hello in her language
8.00 – the responsibility to talk about culture falls on the shoulder of first nations, but we should ask the questions.
10.00 – how did you work with your husband?
13.00 – over to Perth to meet Renee webster
16.00 – Renee got inspired to write this when finding an ad for escorts for women.
20.00 – Men vulnerable and normal in this film which is great.
24.00 – the perils of making cinema in Australia

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Jo Stanley and Rana Hussein join you for episode 77 or Broad Radio on the Go.

Sometimes people in Australia worry about asking the wrong questions of 1st nations people, so Denice and Derek Kickett are doing something about that in their podcast Kickstarting the yarn, we talk to Denice about how to start the conversation, and what it’s like making a podcast with your husband!


Film director Renee Webster joins us to discuss the themes in her her film ‘How to please a woman.’ It’s an aussie film with a British lead in Sally Phillips, we talk about how making a little film that will sit alongside other international releases has it’s challenges and how the themes of sex and desire in women over 50 landed with the audience.


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