Podcast Season 2, Ep 76

The raw story of having a son in jail, and being brave enough to say what you want to be!

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1.22 – Meet Rana

5.00 – Rana started out as a Counselor but actually wants to just talk about top gun.

6.42 – Daisy Pierce was trash talked by Rex Hunt, what do we think?

12.35 – Jane Jones joins us

28.42 – Welcome Maree Coote. – author/ creator of Daughters of Melbourne.

Let's talk!

In this episode we welcome Rana Hussein as co host.

Rana tells us she was brought up to work in the service of others, and has done so her whole career including a role in sport helping to make it more inclusive, but she really just wants to talk about Top Gun and we find out what her ultimate dream is, have you said your dream out loud? It’s scary stuff.

Jo and Rana then meet Jane Jones, mother of Zac who spent 2 years in jail for crashing a car under the influence.

Together with Zac Jane has written the book ‘Why the Fallen’ . In it they tell of the experience and share truthfully the things they’ve learned about themselves and each other, the system and the warning signs to look out for when a teenager is going off the rails.

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