Podcast Season 2, Ep 74

Celebrating milestone birthdays! NAIDOC, meeting our pin up girl from the 90s & adult ADHD.

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0.35- Jo is turning 50 tomorrow so we have cake.
4.45 – Shelley Ware talks Naidoc week from a cupboard at the children’s hospital.
11.30 – you can’t make progress to treaty without acknowledging the past
14.10 – Menopause chat with Alison Brahe Daddo – Jo has experienced the change, and that’s that she doesn’t give a shit anymore.
38.20 – Ruth Claire joins us to talk about being neurodivergent and getting diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.

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George McEncroe co hosts today with Jo Stanley who’s refreshed from a week on Hamilton Island and starting the celebrations of turning 50!

We start with a chat with our own Shelley Ware who shares her work on Naidoc week and we discuss the theme ‘Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!’ and work out how we do just that.

We find out how to navigate Menopause like a Queen with our favourite cover girl from the 90s turned screenwriter, podcaster and teacher, Alison Brahe Daddo, she gives us the raw truth about life as a teenage model and how she feels now in her life post menopause.

We discover that George has run out of sh$ts to give when she looks in her bag… ha ha!

And then Ruth Clare, the award-winning author of the acclaimed memoir, Enemy, joins us to discuss how Enemy explores the ways violence in her childhood shaped her.

And what does it mean to find out you’re neurodivergent and to be diagnosed with ADHD as an adult? Ruth Clare tells us how finding out this part of her puzzle has answered plenty of questions.

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