Podcast Season 2, Ep 73

Navigating girl's teenage-hood, defying the odds as a blind fashion designer' and Hoo's in the house?

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1.05 – Welcome back Anjali
4.00 – Australia is not that white, it’s less than 50%
6.25 – Difference isn’t embraced in Australia? Why!?
8.00 – Welcome Antoinette Lattouf
28.00 – Consent chat with Vanessa Hamilton
46.30 – Camilla Griffin talks exercise
60.00 – Anj tells us what it was REALLY like as a cast member of Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Let's talk!

It’s ep 73 and we’re working for change this week – in the world around us… and in ourselves – when Jo Stanley and Anjali Rao talk to some women doing the heavy lifting.

Antoinette Lattouf, journalist and author of ‘How to Lose Friends and Influence White People’ is working to make Australia’s media less white and to try to get everyone to acknowledge their racial bias.

Vanessa Hamilton is a Sex Educator and Author and she joins us to chat about her new Book ‘Kit and Arlo Find a Way’ which aims to teach kids about consent through stories thy can relate to.

And then finally, we learn how to change our physicality and fitness, as we get the run-down on returning to exercise after COVID, with rehab physiotherapist Camilla Griffin and meet her pet snake called…. Natalie!

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