Podcast Season 2, Ep 72

Navigating girl's teenage-hood, defying the odds as a blind fashion designer' and Hoo's in the house?

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2.00 -The full moon’s pull on us all and what it means.
4.55 – Diana’s possum situation
6.26 – Queens birthday awards, 40% women
8.45 – How to promote yourself!
13.00 – Madonna King
23.00 – setting parameters for screen time, texting.
29.00 – Nikki Hind – blind grit
47.00 – Diana’s comedy pal Lizzy Hoo

Let's talk!

This week we talk the joys of parenting teens, diversity in fashion and bring the LOLs, when Jo Stanley and Diana Nguyen chat with Madonna King.

She joins us after after our chat last week fell through thanks to a teensy internet hiccup!

Madonna is an award-winning journalist and thought-leader, and joins us to talk teen girls, the pressures on them these days and the outcome from long lockdowns on their development and mental health.

Then we discover what it takes to be Australia’s first blind fashion designer when we talk to Nikki Hind the founder of label Blind Grit.

And we get into puns with comedian, writer and ideas lady, Lizzy Hoo.

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