Podcast Season 2, Ep 71

The wonderful world of knowing who you are, let's get golfing, being more up yourself, and parenting the royal way.

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1.57 – How Jo knows Brihony.
6.29 – Brihony brings entertainment to the AFLW commentary.
11.30 – Role-modeling as a non-binary person.
13.11 – Going to a public toilet ccan be a difficult situation as a non binary person.
22.05 – Mingee Lee is our own world’s best golfer.
35.10 – Brihony wanted to be a singer ar 24 and went and did it.
42.05 – Kerri Sackville joins us to talk about Prince Louis who is a small child and behaves as such!!

Let's talk!

Jo Stanley is joined by guest co-host, powerhouse vocalist and sports broadcaster, Brihony Dawson, in a show all about embracing who we really are.

From hosting Channel 9’s Women’s Footy through to singing on some of our biggest stages, Brihony is as fun as they are fascinating.

If you’re new to Brihony you’ll fall in love with them fast.

Our original line up with Audrey Aura and Madonna King fell through, when they were BOTH unable to join us, but as they say, the show must go on!

So we were delighted to be joined by Stacey Peters, Golf Australia Female Pathway Manager to talk about our biggest (and quietest) sporting super star Minjee Lee.

Finally, our wonderful friend Kerri Sackville came and talked about how much of a stir her column about the young prince Louis playing up at the Queens Jubilee had caused.

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