Podcast Season 2, Ep 70

Failing at being the perfect mother, why talking about the hard parts of fertility, birth and beyond matters, and the strength of women on the jui jitsu mat.

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0.54 – Nelly talks about her podcast The single life of us.
6.50 -Jo did coastrek and talks about the experience and the aftermath at the nightclub
11.45 – Welcome Libby Trickett
29.53 – Welcome Dr Nicole Highet – talking about COPE’s #thetruth, talking about what life around childbirth really is like.
47.30 – Jess Fraser talks about how the biggest issue faced by women in martial arts is bias and how to break it.

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Nelly Thomas and Jo Stanley are supporting women who support women, Nelly tells us about her new project the podcast ‘The Single Life of Us’ talking about being back on the shelf after 40.

Then 4 x Olympic Gold Medalist, Libby Trickett, joins us to talk about normalising conversations about mental health and finding joy despite the challenges of life.

We then take a deeper dive into perinatal mental health and the specific needs of mums of new babies, with Dr Nicole Highet and find out how talking about it more, and sharing each others stories really makes us feel less alone.

Finally, we look at empowering women and girls using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and how to move onto starting new and scary things after 40, like skateboarding!!! With Jiu Jitsu champion and trailblazer, Jess Fraser.

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