Podcast Season 2, Ep 69

The seismic shift in politics, the 94% payrise for AFLW players, and getting crafty and finding joy in sewing.

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2.50 – The coast trek podcast collection
3.52 – JO and SERPIL talk about what they felt on election night..
7.29 – The firsts of this election, our first PM with a non anglo name, the forst refugee politiian.. and the first female member in Goldstein – Zoe!
10.07 – Celebrating being a woman of a certain age and making things happen this election.
11.45 – Amy Remeikis – with 3 hours sleep over 72 hours, goes through the wash up of the election.
37.27 – Marnie Vinnal explains the AFLW’s CBA
48.19 – We can’t sew but Daisy Braid can, why does she love it?

Let's talk!

Jo Stanley and Serpil Senelmis are grabbing post-election life by the hands and are bringing you a refreshing show.

Breathe deep and let’s go!

We bring you author and political reporter for The Guardian, Amy Remeikis, to pick apart what our government looks like post-election, and what people wanted and hoped for when they voted this time around, why we need to maintain the rage!

Things are changing for the AFLW league so we’re chatting to Marnie Vinall, a sports writer and journalist to find out about wht a 94% pay increase means for AFLW players and the competition.

And finally, sewing superstar and author, Daisy Braid, inspires us to get creative, and convinced is it’s not that hard and worth the effort!

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