Podcast Season 2, Ep 65

Making new adult friends, saying what's in your heart before it's too late, why 'Independent's day' has arrived & creating a sisterhood in a little blue shed.

It’s Ep 65! This week, co-hosts Serpil Senelmis and Cal Wilson connect over the idea of the difficulty of making friends as an adult, and how special it is when you can! They also talk about what it’s like being back stage at a big event like the BAFTAS, after Cal was there writing jokes for Rebel Wilson not that long ago!

But this episode is really about bringing you the women stories of change-makers.

We talk to writer, Broadcaster and all round chick we want to make our bestie, Marieke Hardy about the power of saying what you’d like to say, to the people you love, while you can and how much power is in that process. She’s the co-creator of the spoken word performance ‘Better Off Said: Eulogies For The Living And The Dead‘ and reminds us all that words matter.

And well it’s election time we talk topical, with Independent candidate for Bradfield (NSW), Nicolette Boele, who tells us why this election has become ‘Independent’s Day’ why she’s running for parliament and how in a vibrant democracy there’s no such thing as a safe labor or liberal or anything seat!.

Finally, we find out how we can help women in Uganda gain skills and employment, supporting their families, sending their kids to school and creating a better life thanks to Founder of Little Blue Shed, Tanja Curcic, who invites us into her sisterhood.

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