Podcast Season 2, Ep 64

The art of breaking up with parts of yourself, plus sized women on the catwalk, and living with chronic illness.

It’s episode 64 and Jo Stanley is joined by Nelly Thomas in a really insightful show. We start off chatting about the perils of plane travel these days, and the juggle of school holidays, working parents and too much screen time!

Writer, comedian, speaker and author Catherine Deveney who talks about her tenth and latest book True North – a memoir.

She tells us how she has discovered that we need to be ok with breaking up with parts of our lives, perhaps our relationships, but also our lifestyles, and how writing her book helped her to work through a separation.

Then Chelsea Bonner, CEO and founder of Bella Management, an agency that has a diverse and holistic approach to model management, and how this year she is behind the first plus sized model cat walk show at Australian Fashion Week. She tells us that there is a real generational shift in the perception of body image and size and how wonderful that is!

Read about the show here.

And finally Michelle Irving is a chronic illness coach and an advocate for women living with chronic illness, and she shares with us her thoughts on the ‘underworld’ of living with a chronic disease and why you should never apologise for being yourself.

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  • 1.49 – School holidays and working parents make for a lot of guilt and screen watching for kids!
  • 3.42 – Nelly’s horror trip to Sydney
  • 5.26 – Nelly assuages Jo’s screen time guilt.
  • 10.32 – the difficulty in naming a comedy fest show and what unsolicited comments people have given Nelly and Jo
  • 12.16 – welcome Catherine Deveney
  • 13.33 – splitting up with her partner was the worst thing she went through, worse than childbirth and cancer, and no one talks about how you get through it.
  • 15.08 – Memoir doesn’t need to be factually accurate, it has to be a true artist representation, it needs a strong theme, mine was about
  • 18.26 – it’s about splitting up wth parts of yourself and being comfortable with that, like changing what you eat, becoming a vegan.
  • 20.51 – marital status is something that the forms don’t need, they need next of kin, marital status is a pointless relic
  • 21.26 – Jo talks about women not feeling like they can make a choice to leave a relationship because they’re not happy, Catherine says that’s a privileged position, but if we had a universal income and safe housing that would be different.
  • 26.36 – Catherine says she had the worst of the truth of poverty and the worst of the narrative of poverty, gender ideas and she kept questioning it but she is the only one who did challenge it.
  • 30.08 – Chelsea Bonner – CEO of Bella Management who’s behind the first plus sized model show at Australian Fashion week. Nelly has some questions about plus sized clothing, why is it synthetic fabric!?
  • 34.55 – the new generation of 18-25 year old women understand about genetics and the world and hate being sold to, they’re not tolerating being told who they are because of their body
  • 37.52 – Chelsea says when I see someone walking down the street wearing what they like she is cheering inside!
  • 44.55 – Today is the Nelly Show, separation, plus sized and chronic illness!
  • 45.47 – welcome Michelle Irving
  • 46.11 – living with the underworld of chronic illness is hard, but living with chronic illness didn’t mean I couldn’t be myself.
  • 49.12- Nelly shares her experience of her daughter’s chronic illness and there are two ends of it, ‘she will never recover, she will never have quality of life’ and the other extreme is ‘this is all in your head – if you just drank turmeric lattes she will be fine’ there’s very little middle ground
  • 53.59 – You don’t need to apologise for having a chronic illness
  • 54.46 – Michelle says as women we are trained to apologise
  • 58.31 – Michelle runs a course called ‘queen of the underworld’ to cover chronic illness

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