Podcast Season 2, Ep 60

Living without alcohol, why gift giving is better than receiving, and taking recycling into our own hands.

It’s a cracker of a show this episode when guest co-host Myf Warhust joins Jo Stanley to talk Dolly Parton, Eurovision, the joys of doing things solo and lots of ways to do life better.

Australian women are transforming our relationship with alcohol, and to disuss life without booze, why we should give it a go and what the beniefits really are when we’re joined by alcohol-free coach and best-selling author Karolina Rzadkowolska .

We learn to master the art of gift giving, with writer, artist and shenaniganist, Creatrix Tiara and we’re all doing doing our best to live more sustainably, so we talk to the founder of Precious Plastic Melbourne, Kayla Mossuto, about what comes next, and how we can really do it on a small scale.

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