Podcast Season 2, Ep 59

A legend of the pool, the tele and now head of the aflw, the reality of losing everything in the floods & a song of unrequited love

With Jo Stanley out in iso with covid, it’s the Nelly and Shelley show this week!

Our wonderful Broads Nelly Thomas and Shelley Ware bring you some great and diverse conversations when they talk to AFL General Manager of women’s football, Olympian, commentator, Nicole Livingstone, who shares her feelings on the progress of the women’s game, how it’s important to always be independent, and her connection to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Then we get the personal perspetive of the floods in Nothern NSW when we chat to Megan Broberg, who lost almost everything when the floods came through her town of Wardell last week, and she shares what she saw, and what she feels will be the lasting effect on the people in the area and how we can help.

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