Podcast Season 2, Ep 57

Anxiety, using pantyliner layer cakes to avoid moisture, different strokes at mardi gras and who's showing women how to use their voice in sport

In this ep there are lost of laughs as Jo Stanley is joined by guest co-host, the hilarious comedian Diana Nguyen.

Together they’ll talk about finding love, sex therapy, Keanu Reeves and how to go about writing a play during lockdown.

We talk to Author of Anxious Girls Do It Better: A Travel Guide for (Slightly Nervous) Girls on the Go, Bunny Banyai, who is helping us leave anxiety at home when we travel, and enlightens us with the idea of a ‘pantyliner cake’!

Then, what happens if you can’t get to Mardi Gras? Broad Radio co-host, Kerrie Stanley, is here for you, as she brings all the fun of the fair with her Mardi Gras wrap.

We also welcome Outer Sanctum Podcaster, Emma Race, who is helping women build careers in sports commentary with her program Change Our Game Making the Call.

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