Let’s Talk About Death

“Nothing dampens a conversation quite like death; an emotionally charged grenade that when dropped, destroys every ounce of pleasant small talk at a Sunday brunch.”

Let’s talk about death. Now, if you’re thinking, “no thanks! I’m content over here pretending life is eternal… ignorance is bliss, right?” we don’t blame you.

Nothing dampens a conversation quite like death; an emotionally charged grenade that when dropped, destroys every ounce of pleasant small talk at a Sunday brunch.  

It’s our natural discomfort to talk about the inevitable that prompted Bronwyn Jackson’s new book, My Circle of Lifea blueprint to prepare for the unsaid.

Coming from a history of funeral directing, Bronwyn told Broad Radio’s Jo Stanley, she “wanted to create something that empowered and educated the community and individuals, to help their families.”

My Circle of Life is one part cathartic memoir, one part culmination of all the nitty-gritty information that may be needed after you’re gone – the type of stuff that’s ‘organised’ in a kitchen drawer or in decades-old filing systems (aka boxes in the attic).

With the intention of celebrating life, this book is a place to share all the quirks, overused jokes, fulfilled dreams, and less-fulfilled invention ideas that make up one’s time on this planet. 

By creating a tangible way to pass down all of the special, laughable, and maybe awkward moments of life alongside the words of wisdom they produced, Bronwyn hopes this positive reflection on life will remove some of the fear associated with what comes next. 

“I think it’s just a matter of opening the conversation, making it so it’s not fearful… and once you start having these conversations, people become accustomed to it,” she told Jo.

Another major benefit of this book is the strain it takes off the most tedious mountain of admin in existence; planning a funeral. The last thing a grieving family needs is the impenetrable puzzle of an unfinished family tree. Plus, if you’re doubtful of your family’s taste in flowers, there’s a spot for that too. 

In the spirit of peace of mind, Broad Radio has partnered with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, who are giving Broad Radio listeners a discount on their MyLife Wills Online Service. The 30-minute process means that your will is done by a professional (yes please) and can be done from the couch (YES PLEASE).

Planning for a world without you can be confronting and very hard. But taking the time now to make choices for then, is a gift you’ll be giving to the people you love. There’s nothing to be afraid of there.

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